Five Hanska X-Rider Vedenpitävä Musta/Keltainen

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+5 kpl varastossa
90pv ilmainen palautus ja koon vaihto
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Toimitusaika n. 1-4 työpäivää, varastot Suomessa ja Ruotsissa
Valtuutettu jälleenmyyjä, takuuhuolto


Revamped for 2021, the last generation of X-Rider is proving even more versatile than its predecessor. Though it keeps gaining fans among globe trotters, who consider it the perfect glove to take them to the ends of the earth, the latest X-Rider will also be ideal for more sporty use (as demonstrated by the accordion tie between the ring and little fingers, a racing-glove detail), or even for urban riding; and it promises to excellently fulfill its role at the controls of a roadster. Weatherproof and breathable, with its new 5_DRYTECH™ membrane, technical, mid-length, so it’s not too bulky, focused on a superb comfort/protection/ durability ratio, the X-Rider commands respect. Tough, and characterized by its heat-molded cuff protection and its new visible metacarpal-phalangeal ERGO PROTECH® carbon style shell,, it retains an adventurous look. With its digital pittards leather palm to maintain optimal grip, even in driving rain, the X-Rider is designed for those who ride everywhere, often, and in all kinds of weather.

Combined full-grain cowhide construction for durability and goatskin for suppleness (topside) / Goatskin and digital pittards leather for grip (palm).
5_DRYTECH™breathable, weatherproof membrane.
Thinsulate™ 70g lightweight thermal insulation.
Bemberg™ internal comfort lining.
Forearm protection featuring a wide, semi-soft TPR shell.
Visible one piece ERGO PROTECH® carbon look protective shell.
External knuckle protection with memory foam underneath the leather.
Carbon protective palm slider shell.
Leather comfort gussets.
Closure system with leather + Velcro® tab and leather on-off pull tab.
Clear Vision Pad™.
Touch Screen™ system for handling Touch Screen™s without removing gloves.
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