Rekluse Radiuscx Clutch (Dds) - Husqvarna/Ktm, RMS-7913191

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RadiusCX is the next evolution in stall-preventing auto clutch technology. This top of the line product brings together the latest innovations in one package- the EXP auto clutch disk, billet aluminum Core components, and TorqDrive friction disk technology. RadiusCX offers the most demanding riders a significant advancement in auto clutch performance, delivering next level durability, lever control, and more direct power transfer. RadiusCX provides better starts, allowing the rider to carry more speed and focus on their line, not the clutch. The auto functionality provides perfect power delivery every time. Momentum is maintained, using the torque of the motor without the worry of stalling. Power transfer is increased over OEM. Clutch engagement point is fully tunable to suit rider and terrain. An optimized pressure plate design provides great lever feel, with consistent control and behavior. Core components deliver improved oil flow over wide temperature ranges. TorqDrive friction disks provide longer clutch life with less adjustment over time.
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Valmistajan tuotenumeroRMS-7913191