Five Hanska RFX Race, Musta

Alkaen 404 € Normaalihinta 475 €
+5 kpl varastossa
90pv ilmainen palautus ja koon vaihto
Ilmainen toimitus yli 150€ tilauksissa, alle 150€: vain 7€
Toimitusaika n. 1-4 työpäivää, varastot Suomessa ja Ruotsissa
Valtuutettu jälleenmyyjä, takuuhuolto


The most advanced FIVE ADVANCED GLOVES™. Designed for high performance, the RFX Race offers the highest level of safety currently available, thanks to its triple protective shell made of Thermoset Carbon Composite. This material, generally found in aerospace or Formula 1, provides exceptional abrasion resistance. This makes the glove more effective than an ordinary glove in the extreme situation of a long skid where the rider’s hand may be trapped between the road surface and the bike. Protection is maximized by the use of full grain leather, multiple reinforcements with traditional carbon and a Kevlar® lining. The palm features digital pittards leather reinforcement for optimal grip in wet conditions. The Velcro® adjusting strap is concealed beneath a protective leather flap to reduce the risk of the glove being torn off in the event of a fall. The greatest attention has been paid to steering precision and comfort. RFX RACE: This is the glove designed and used by official FIVE riders in MotoGP, SBK and Endurance World Championships.

160 assembled elements per pair / 159g of technology per glove (size M).
Full-grain cowhide construction (topside) for durability / Full-grain goatskin (palm) for suppleness. Ventilated TPU metacarpal-knuckle and metacarpal protective shells reinforced with Carbon Thermoset for high abrasion resistance.
Protective Carbon palm slider shell.
Palm reinforcement in digital pittards leather.
Thenar muscle (palm) reinforcement with a SuperFabric® patch.
Internal Kevlar® lining.
Outer stitching on the fingers (Gütermann thread).
TPU protective shell on the forearm.
Stretch Kevlar® comfort panel (topside).
Dual closure system.
V-FIVE Sigure™ element (the inside of the index and middle fingers on the left hand are in red).
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    Five Hanska RFX Race, Valkoinen
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    Five Hanska RFX4 Evo Musta
    Alkaen 93 € Normaalihinta 109 €
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    Alkaen 75 € Normaalihinta 79 €