Five Hanska Globe Racer Musta

Alkaen 34 € Normaalihinta 39 €
+5 kpl varastossa


Toimituskulut 7€, Ilmainen toimitus yli 150€ tilauksissa
90pv ilmainen palautus ja koon vaihto
Toimitusaika n. 1-4 työpäivää, varastot Suomessa ja Ruotsissa
Valtuutettu jälleenmyyjä, takuuhuolto
The Globe provides the minimum essential protection you need for any two-wheeled activity (motorbike, scooter, bicycle). Its basic ure makes it pleasant to wear, and it has rapidly become the benchmark basic, universal glove. It comes in black, for the classicists among us, and in color or replica versions for bolder riders. Lightweight, but still including PU protective shells on the topside and the palm, it offers a satisfying balance between enjoyable wear and safety. This is a simple, practical, and ultra-affordable glove.

Polymesh™ construction (topside) for comfort / Synthetic leather (palm) for durability.
One-piece PU metacarpal-knuckle and knuckle protection underneath the fabric.
TPR protective palm slider shell.
Synthetic leather hypothenar muscle reinforcement.
Lycra® fourchettes for optimal fit.
Airprene® cuff for adjustment, comfort and ventilation.
Closure system with TPR tab + Velcro® and synthetic leather on-off pull tab.